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This is a unique opportunity to get early access to the next generation of training materials, tools and resources to help you implement the 7 Levers Framework, and grow your business and your profits now.

Be a part of the Early Access Program and influence the development of new content to literally create the material you want to see.

About the Tools, Training and Resources

Our current roadmap includes the creation of two completely new, comprehensive courses, focused on the two “tracks” involved in implementing the 7 Levers in your business: Profit Foundations and Profit Growth.

We will also be updating the existing 6Cs Mini-Course to include the new tools and resources we are producing.

Below are the current plans for the courses and resources we are currently working on (this is subject to change, based on your input as a member of the ALPHA Program).

The 6Cs Mini-Course

The 6Cs are an easy to remember checklist of steps - first introduced in the book Cadence - to guide the implementation of the 7 Levers Framework in your business.

The 6Cs mini-course steps you through each C - Clarify, Capture, Calculate, Correct, Create and Cycle - and also introduces all of the core concepts of the 7 Levers Framework.

At the end of the Mini-Course, you will have a solid foundation in the core 7 Levers concepts, terminology, tools and techniques, and be ready to fast-track the implementation of the 7 Levers Framework in your business.

Course - Profit Foundations

Do you feel like you’ve got control of your business and you’re ready to grow?

Very often, what's stopping us from growing our business is a feeling that we haven't quite got control of everything, and so we're not ready for growth.

Whether you feel like you need to regain control of your business, or you just want to see how well it is performing in the context of the 7 Levers, the Health Check will walk you through the process of identifying and assessing the 7 Key Profit Drivers in your business, so that you can create a solid foundation for growth.

The first steps in implementing the 7 Levers Framework in your business are:

  • Clarify what each Lever means in your business
  • Capture what you are currently doing to influence each Lever
  • Calculate how you are currently performing in each Lever

The Profit Foundations course takes you step-by-step through each of these processes in detail, with a view to performing a detailed Health Check on your business. This process will focus you (and your team) on each Lever in turn, and will develop your awareness of the operations and performance in each of these important areas of your business.

In addition, you are guided through the next step of the process - to Correct any issues you might have identified in the first 3 steps and "plug the holes" that you find. By fixing some of these issues, you may achieve some profitable “easy wins”.

At the end of this course, you will have produced a comprehensive Health Check report that highlights the 7 Key Profit Drivers in your business, and how each of them is performing. You will also have gained valuable insight into the operations of your business, and identified any potential issues affecting your profits that you may have overlooked.

By completing the Profit Foundations course you will have prepared yourself, your team and your business for achievable and sustainable Profit Growth.

Course - Profit Growth

Once you have a solid foundation and a clear understanding of what the 7 Levers are in your business and what your current measurements for them are, then you can start the exciting work of growing your business and your profits sustainably.

The Profit Growth course introduces you to the powerful concept of 10% Wins - small, easily achievable improvements that compound across the 7 Levers to potentially double your profits without requiring huge effort or lots of resources. You will be guided step-by-step through Creating and implementing 10% Win ideas for each of the 7 Levers, with examples and case studies from many different industries to inspire you.

The course also covers the final step of implementing the 7 Levers Framework - Cycling back. This is a crucial step in creating sustainable Profit Growth, where you will be learn how to review your 10% Wins implementation to ensure they are all performing as expected (and perhaps Correct any issues), before Creating new ideas and implementing them for another round of 10% Wins and Profit Growth.

At the end of the course, you will have everything you need to Create and implement achievable 10% Win ideas that will compound across the 7 Levers of your business to provide sustainable Profit Growth without requiring huge effort or lots of resources.


In addition to the comprehensive courses above, we will also be producing a wide range of new tools and resources to support your implementation of the 7 Levers Framework. This will include Quick Start Guides, Checklists and Worksheets for you to download and use yourself or distribute to your team.

Some examples of these resources include:

  • The 7 Levers Canvas
  • The Delta Canvas
  • Health Check Quick Start Guide
  • Profit Growth Quick Start Guide
  • Checklist: What Makes a Good 10% Win Idea (TKRs)
  • Checklist: What Makes a Good Delta
  • Checklist: When to Correct and When to Create (4Bs)
  • Graphic: The 6Cs Cycle

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The Offer

Get Started Growing Your Business NOW

We expect that the first full course will be publicly available in 2019, but when you join the ALPHA Program, you will have immediate access to everything we have available, as soon as it is ready (there is content inside the platform already, and we are adding more as it is developed). So you will be able to start applying our latest knowledge right now, and start growing your business and your profits today.

We Want to Help You Implement the 7 Levers in Your Business

We'll be on hand to help you if you meet any challenges (and by overcoming those challenges together, we'll learn how to improve the materials we are producing). After all, the best way to prove the value of the 7 Levers Framework is to have a community of people who have successfully implemented it and have gained real results.

The Latest Ideas and Tools

You will work directly with us, testing out the ideas, tools, resources and training. It's up to you if you apply them to your own businesses, but if you do, you'll be getting the benefit of the latest thinking, along with personal coaching if you need it.

Lifetime Access to the Final Materials

As a thank you for your help in developing the new materials, you will be granted full lifetime access to the final versions of all the course you help develop, at no extra cost.

Significant Savings Against Full Course Fees

For this low, one-time investment, you will receive instant access to the latest materials as they become available, and full, lifetime access to what we expect to be a minimum of 2 full courses, and all the supporting tools and resources.

The full courses will be released as separate products, and we expect the fees for the full courses to be significantly higher than the single investment you make in the ALPHA program (we expect you would see a saving of at least 70% off the final fees).

We Want Your Help to Build the Tools and Training YOU Want to Use

By joining the Early Access ALPHA program team, you'll be helping to shape the next evolution of the 7 Levers of Business, while ensuring that the material we develop will help you.

What's Included in the Early Access (Alpha) Program

  • Immediate access to the latest 7 Levers Training Materials, Tools and Resources (Get started growing your business NOW)
  • Direct access to Dom for the duration of the program
  • Lifetime Access to the final courses produced during the program
  • BONUS: The Original 7 Levers Course

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Your Instructors

Pete Williams
Pete Williams

Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, advisor and marketer who Forbes recently called, “one entrepreneur today that every marketer should be modelling,” while Inc. describes him as, “a savvy marketing strategist.”

His latest book, Cadence, was born from the 7 Levers framework developed inside the Preneur Group projects and consulting clients. Pete is also a Professor of Practice at Deakin University, Australia.

Dom Goucher
Dom Goucher

Dom Goucher is a Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Writer who specialises in Business Growth and Digital Marketing. He hasn’t been featured in national media (yet), or won any awards (that he’s aware of). He does have a Degree in Computer Science, though.

As well as being a key contributor to the “7 Levers Framework” and “10% Wins” movements, Dom has been the “Digital Strategy Guy” behind many Preneur Group projects over the years, using his “Full Stack Digital Marketing” expertise to deliver results for the Preneur Team and our clients.

About the 7 Levers Framework

"The 7 Levers Framework is a set of Tools, Training and Resources to help you grow your business and your profits sustainably, without requiring huge effort or lots of resources."

A lot of business and marketing advice tells you to focus on improving one or two areas of your business. For example, driving more traffic, increasing your conversions, or improving your margins.

But if you only focus on one or two areas of your business, this can be limiting. Firstly, those areas that you are not paying attention to will suffer from that lack of attention. Secondly, achieving “big wins” effectively and sustainably in one or two areas is often difficult, taking up a lot of time, effort and resources. This means that it is not always a good practice when you want to achieve true Profit Growth.

The core principles of the 7 levers Framework are designed specifically to address these issues. They are:

  • The 7 Levers
  • 10% Wins

The 7 Levers of Business

There are 7 Key Areas that drive profit in any business. These are:

  • Suspects
  • Prospects
  • Conversions
  • Average Item Price
  • Average Items Per Sale
  • Transactions Per Customer
  • Margins

By identifying these areas in your business, focusing on each of them equally, and applying small, achievable improvements across all 7, you will create an environment for sustainable Profit Growth.

10% Wins

Instead of “going all out” or “swinging for the fences” and trying to “double your traffic” or “cut your costs in half”, it is obviously easier to aim smaller and try less. But that doesn’t mean that your results need to be any less impressive.

By applying the principle of compounding, and achieving small, incremental gains of just 10% across each of the 7 Levers means that your net result will be a profit increase of almost double.

Also, by their nature, 10% Wins are easier to achieve with less time, effort and resources, and they are also more sustainable, so the Profit Growth you achieve will be sustainable too.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?
The program starts as soon as we reach a minimum number of members (people have already enrolled and we are already publishing content, so read that as "soon"!), and runs until we launch the first full course early next year (we expect Quarter 1 2019). If we launch another program to cover more courses, Alpha Members will be given priority when we offer spaces on any new programs.
How long do I have access to the course materials afterwards?
How does lifetime access sound? After we release the full courses, you will have unlimited access all finalised materials for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. We might choose to take out the development materials inside the ALPHA Program itself, but the full, published courses will remain available to you.
What if I am unhappy with the program?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
How often will you be updating the content?
Dom has developed all of the core material for the Foundation course already, and the next phase is to review and revise that material (with your feedback) before moving on to the Growth course. In general, as soon as we create a new piece of training content, Dom will post it in the ALPHA Program. You can either check in regularly to see what's new, or wait for the update emails that highlight new content.
How much feedback am I expected to give?
Any input you can make would be greatly appreciated. But don't feel like you have to respond immediately to every request for feedback. We do want everyone to take part at some level, though. So be prepared to be prompted from time to time if you've been quiet for a while.
Can I ask my own questions and make suggestions?
Of course! Everyone in the program will be encouraged to speak up and to contribute in whatever way they can - all suggestions and input is welcome. Just remember that the idea here is that you get something out of the experience too, so feel free to reach out any time something occurs to you. Especially if it's a question bout how the material applies to your particular business.
What if I have a question about the program right now?
Go ahead and drop us a line at [email protected] - we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
If there is an Alpha, does that mean there will be a Beta?
Yes, as soon as the materials are in a more complete state, then we will be looking for people to join a Beta program to look at them. But we expect that is a couple of months or more away, and we will be charging more to join the program at that point, because the materials will be more complete. By joining now, you lock in your incredibly low investment, and get access to everything much sooner.
Will Pete be involved with the course development?
Pete will be intimately involved in the development of every piece of course content. His direct involvement with the ALPHA program members will depend on his "real world" commitments (his businesses and his professorship at Deakin University). But he will be dropping in as much as he can, and providing feedback and answers to questions where needed.
I don't get it! How does this ALPHA thing work?
Good question! The ALPHA Program is run inside a private Learning Management platform, which you will get access to when you join. This allows us to release new content (video, audio, PDFs) as "lessons" that you can look at, work through, and provide feedback on via the Learning Management platform. It also allows us to ask general questions and get your responses. You will mostly be interacting with us in this way, but we may run group calls and Webinars from time to time, and we may schedule some one-on-one calls with individuals, if needed. Also, you will have direct access to Dom via a specific email address for any pressing questions.
Are spaces really limited, or are you just saying that?
Yes! Spaces really are limited. When you join the program, not only are you getting access to the latest materials and training months before anyone else will see them, but I'm also going to be on hand to guide you through implementing it in your business if you need our help. To be able to do that, we have to limit the number of people we allow into the program, so that we have enough time available to help anyone that needs it.
What happens when the ALPHA Program ends?
First, we'll probably have a celebration, because we'll have produced some truly awesome training materials together! Then you'll get access to the full version of all the courses and tools you helped to develop. After that, we'll close and archive the ALPHA program. If we launch another program to cover more courses, ALPHA Members will be given priority when we offer spaces on any new programs.
Is this a subscription or a one-time fee?
Access to the Alpha program and everything we create inside it is available for a low, one-time fee. Later, the prices will go up significantly, and we may even introduce a subscription model. So act now and take advantage of this great deal.
Why such a low fee for all this content?
We genuinely want to create the best courses and resources that we can, and getting your feedback is the best way to do that. So it makes sense to offer access for a ridiculously low amount at this early stage, to encourage people to join the Alpha program (but we have to charge something so we know you're taking things seriously!) Also, it's always been our policy to reward early adopters, fast movers and action-takers.

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Spaces on the program are strictly limited, and the offer is time sensitive:

1) We want to keep the group small so I can personally interact with everyone, and can help anyone that needs it

2) We want to start working on the project as soon as possible, so that we can launch the full course early next year

Act now and secure your place. The offer will end as soon as all the spaces are allocated (if the button says "Enrollment Closed", you're too late).